Connection between crusher, screening machine, and vacuum feeding machine

Simple grinder processing line,pin mill discharge with pneumatic feeder,then to ZS series vibration sifter.which was finishing and testing ready to deliver during recent days.
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WF series low temperature cryogenic pulverizer

Today's raw material is PV/PE plastic pellets. As we all know, plastic is highly heat sensitive, so it is not suitable for general pulverzier to crush.
It can be seen that the wf pulverzier first uses liquid nitrogen to embrittlement the material and then achieves the crushing effect under the action of tool impact, collision, shear, etc. The output capacity is very high, and the fineness of grinding is also very good, which can reach 10-500 mesh. Can crush the material that can not be crushed at room temperature and keep the material characteristics unchanged.

WF series low temperature cryogenic pulverizer

WF series low temperature cryogenic pulverizer uses liquid nitrogen as the cold source.After the crushed material is cooled and embrittled at low temperature, it enters the crusher cavity.Through the high-speed rotation of the cutter head, the repeated impact, collision, shearing, friction and other comprehensive actions between the material and the blade, the crushing effect is achieved.The machine can crush materials that cannot be crushed under normal temperature, with high yield and high mesh size (adjustable).It can ensure the physical properties of traditional Chinese medicine remain unchanged.

Crushing dry ginger with a coarse crusher

The Csj universal coarse crusher is suitable for multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and construction. It can process hard and difficult to crush materials, including plastics, copper wire, etc.
Ginger enters the crushing chamber from the hopper and is subjected to the impact of a crushing knife, which is then sheared and crushed by a rotating knife and a fixed knife. Under the action of centrifugal force, it flows out through the discharge port.
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Series 3D Swing Mixer Fangyuan Machinery Integration of industry and trade

The SBH 3D mixer is a made up of SUS304/SUS316L stainless steel to meet the FDA、GMP、CGMP standards.It is very suitable for dry powder mixer in chemistry、pharmacy、food and some other industries.It can mix several materials with different specific gravity and particle sizes, and can also quickly and evenly mix, with a mixing uniformity of up to 99%.
On the control panel, you can set the desired mixing time and the fully automatic or jog mixing method.
After all the parameters are set according to the requirements, press the switch and we can see that the material cylinder begins to undergo triangular swing, translational motion, and up and down flipping, resulting in strong alternating pulse motion.After the mixing is completed, open the butterfly valve and the powder will fall into the barrel.
This 3D mixer adopts a novel block structure, modular design, convenient disassembly and cleaning, and excellent mixing effect, making it the perfect choice for dry powder mixing.

WFJ series fine crushing set Fangyuan Machinery

WFJ series fine crushing set After the leaves are poured into the crusher, the fineness of the discharge is very high, up to 80-320 mesh, and it contains a bag dust collector and a cyclone separator, so there is no dust during the crushing process.

GHL high efficiency wet mixing granulator

The powder material and binder are thoroughly mixed into wet soft material in a cylindrical container by mixing at the bottom, and then cut into uniform wet particles by a side-mounted high-speed grinding granulator.

GHJ W mixer Fangyuan Machinery

GHJ W mixer mixes the powder and particle with good fluidity, and the effect is remarkable. Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, dye, electronics and other industries.

GK dry granulator machine supplier

The GK granulating machine uses the dry granulation to grain the powder directly into granule without additives, and the granulation is uniform.

Laser blanking Inspection By Fangyuan Machinery Factory

We use high-quality stainless steel plates for blanking, and use laser cutting technology for accurate and efficient processing of materials.