Our Service

1. Pre-sales service:

● Our pre-sales service mainly includes the following aspects:

Product consultation: Customers can inquire our product information through various methods such as phone, email, and online customer service. We will respond promptly and provide professional advice.


Equipment selection: Based on the customer's needs and budget, we will recommend suitable equipment and provide detailed technical parameters and quotations.


On-site inspection: If the customer needs it, we can dispatch engineers to the customer's site for inspection to help them determine the best equipment selection and layout plan.


2. In-sales service:

● Our in sales services mainly include the following aspects:

Production tracking: During the production process, we will strictly control and track the quality of each process to ensure product quality and delivery time.


Installation and debugging: We will dispatch professional technical personnel to the customer's site to install and debug the equipment, and provide operational training to the customer.


After sales service: After the equipment is put into use, we will conduct regular follow-up visits to understand the customer's usage situation and feedback, and promptly solve the problems encountered by the customer.


3. After-sales service:

● Our after-sales service mainly includes the following aspects:

Warranty maintenance: We provide customers with a one-year free warranty period. When equipment malfunctions, we will promptly dispatch technical personnel to the customer's site for repair.


Spare parts supply: We provide original factory spare parts supply services to ensure that customers' equipment can operate stably for a long time.


Technical Support: We provide customers with 24-hour online technical support, which can promptly solve technical problems encountered by customers.