• High Efficiency Vacuum Feeder
    High Efficiency Vacuum Feeder

    Vacuum feeding machine is a device used for conveying powder and granular materials. It uses a vacuum pump to extract the material from the container and then transport it to the target location through a pipeline. The vacuum feeding machine can generate negative pressure through high-pressure fans, Roots fans, water ring vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, etc. It uses the air pressure difference to move animal materials, forming a vacuum logistics. The material is sucked into the vacuum feeding machine by the negative pressure through the pipeline, and the filter element in the feeding machine isolates the material from the negative pressure air. After the negative pressure stops, the material is discharged by its own weight, and enters the next process. At the same time, the material is opened for reverse blowing under positive pressure during discharge, Blow off the materials attached to the surface of the filter element, as well as the materials attached to the machine. After the discharge and back blowing processes are completed, the discharge valve is closed, and the negative pressure and feed valve are opened for the next suction process. The vacuum feeding machine can be used in combination with many equipment according to different production processes, and the equipment that can be combined is as follows: 1. Dust free feeding station (suitable for small bag packaging) 2. Ton bag unpacking machine (suitable for ton bag packaging) 3. Flexible suction (suitable for handheld suction) 4. Hopper (suitable for placing under vibrating screens and screw conveyors) 5. Automatic weighing system (suitable for automatic quantitative feeding)

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  • Vacuum Powder Feeder Conveyor
    Vacuum Powder Feeder Conveyor

    When compressed air goes through the vacuum powder feeder conveyor, vacuum generators produce negative pressure to form the vacuum airflow, and thus materials are sucked into suction nozzle and reach the chamber of feeding machine through the suction tube.

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  • Pneumatic Liquid Paste Filling Machine
    Pneumatic Liquid Paste Filling Machine

    Pneumatic Liquid Paste Filling machine is suitable for light liquid filling and capping of plastic or glass bottles. The machine is composed of conveyor belt, SS316L metering piston pump, upper and lower filling nozzle, liquid buffer tank, indexing wheel and screw cap system.It has the advantages of wide use, reasonable structure, reliable performance and accurate quantification.

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