• Traditional Chinese Medicine Grinder
    Traditional Chinese Medicine Grinder

    For materials with special properties such as thermal sensitivity, low melting point, and easily damaged medicinal components in traditional Chinese medicine, it is difficult to achieve ultra-fine grinding using ordinary methods, which is not conducive to the utilization of traditional Chinese medicine and the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine powder. And ultrafine crushing vibration grinding can be achieved.

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  • Super Fine Crushing And Vibrating Mill
    Super Fine Crushing And Vibrating Mill

    Super Fine Crushing and Vibrating Mill is driven by an eccentric block excitation device to vibrate the grinding drum in a circular manner, achieving the purpose of crushing by the high-frequency vibration of the medium, which impacts, rubs, and shears the material. The fineness of grinding can be adjusted and controlled by the radius of the grinding medium, vibration angular velocity, vibration time, or the ratio of the grinding medium to the material. The obtained ultrafine powder has good solubility, dispersibility, adsorption, and chemical reactivity.

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  • Flax Seed Mill Machine
    Flax Seed Mill Machine

    Flax Seed Mill Machine is specially designed for almonds, walnuts, peanuts, art hemp, beans, spices, food seasonings and other oily substances in the crushing and grinding of easy oil, sticky machine is specially developed and designed, can be good crushing of materials with high oil content and no oil, non-stick machine.

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  • Low Temperature Pulverzier
    Low Temperature Pulverzier

    Low temperature crusher is an efficient and environmentally friendly material crushing equipment widely used in fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. The following are the applicable ranges of low-temperature crushers: 1. Pharmaceutical industry: Low temperature pulverizers can crush and process various types of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, biological products, and other medicinal materials, while protecting active ingredients from heat loss or oxidation. 2. Chemical industry: Low temperature crushers can be used for the milling of polymer materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride, as well as for the fine grinding of various non-metallic materials such as resins, rubber, coatings, etc. 3. Food industry: Low temperature crushers are suitable for crushing and processing various grains, seasonings, dried fruits, seafood, etc. They can maintain their original fragrance and nutritional components, and can also sterilize microorganisms in food. 4. Pesticide industry: Low temperature crushers can crush pesticide raw materials into granules, making them more easily absorbed by plants, thereby improving the efficiency of pesticide utilization. 5. Mineral industry: Low temperature crushers can be used for fine crushing and processing of various ores, rocks, etc., which can improve the utilization value of mineral materials.

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  • Sugar Pulverzier
    Sugar Pulverzier

    Suagr pulverzier is widely used in crushing materials in manyindustries such as make-up,sugar, tumeric,chilli,salt and so on. The machine has simple structure, high output and is easy cleaning. It is the most ideal crushing equipment at present.

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  • Cocoa Bean Grinding Machine
    Cocoa Bean Grinding Machine

    Coco bean grinding machine is mainly suitable for crushing soft、brittle and fiber materials with More hardness less than 3 in medicine、chemical、food、pesticide、building and plastics industries.Such as medicine、fuel、food additives and plastic additives can achieve satisfactory crushing effect.

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  • Screw Feeding Grinder For Combined Powder
    Screw Feeding Grinder For Combined Powder

    Screw feeding grinder for combined powder is perfectly suitable for wet and dry materials milling,widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical and foodstuff,etc.The fineness of the machine can reach around 40-120 mesh, and the output capacity can reach around 10-800kg/h.

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  • Flour Mill Pulverizer
    Flour Mill Pulverizer

    Flour mill pulverizer is designed by the principle of mixed powder spraying method, which is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry and so on.

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  • Chemical Grinder
    Chemical Grinder

    Chemical grinder uses liquid nitrogen as the cold source.After the crushed material is cooled and embrittled at low temperature, it enters the crusher cavity.And the material will be easily crushed and impacted,when it reaches the fineness requirements,it flows though the screen into the material bucket.

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