High Efficient Mill

High efficient mill are mainly crushed by the clash between crushing gears and movable knives.It also uses the vortex flow generated by the blade back to strengthen the impact on the material.If the material is heat-sensitive,we can install a cold air circulating cooling device or a cryogenic device which is used in Bio-pharmaceutical or frozen crushing.
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Product Introduction


High efficient mill is suitable for crushing materials in Laboratory powder, Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, fiber medicinal powder, Salt, sugar, starch, corn flour, rice flour and other seasoning powder, White crystalline powder, fireproof coating powder, metallurgy industry powder, beauty industry powder, common western medicine powder industry, Various food additive powders.



Working Principle:


High-efficiency mills are primarily crushed by the collision of moving blades and crushing gears. In order to increase the impact on the material, it also makes use of the vortex flow created by the blade back. If the material is heat-sensitive, we can install a cryogenic device used in bio-pharmaceutical or frozen crushing or a cold air circulation chilling device.



The High-efficiency mill's main technological advantage is its ability to quickly discharge the product from the machine cavity by utilizing the dynamic pressure that the pulverizer produces. The secondary air intake can be adjusted to reduce discharge wind resistance, and it can also be connected to the recovery system's tail air duct and pulse box dust collector to stop flying debris and material loss. The development of this gadget followed GMP regulations.


Our advantages

1. We Fangyuan Machinery was founded in 1989, has a very rich export experience, we have exported to dozens of countries, and we have excellent technical support.
2. We are available to take your call whenever you need our Fangyuan machinery to give 24-hour online support.
3. We are a manufacturer of industry and trade, with a complete production line, and quality assurance.
4. We have a strong research and development ability and can customize the production line or machine according to your requirements.
5. We can offer paid foreign after-sales services as well as comprehensive product manuals and operation videos.


Technical Parameters


Model Production Capacity Feeding Size Working pressure Motor Power Weight
WF-15C 10-80 kg/h 7600 40-120 2.2kw 170kg
WF-20C 60-250 kg/h 4800 40-120 4kw 320kg
WF-30C 150-500 kg/h 4000 40-120 5.5kw 380kg
WF-40C 200-1300 kg/h 3500 40-120 11kw 550kg
WF-50C 250-2000 kg/h 3400 40-120 18.5kw 620kg
WF-60C 300-2500 kg/h 3000 40-120 22kw 870kg
WF-80C 400-3500 kg/h 2500 40-120 45kw 1500kg



If you want to send an inquiry to me about our crusher, could you please tell me?

1) Q: Do you have the products in stock?

A: We'll have some of our typical equipment on hand. Other deliveries will take between 35 and 45 days.

2) Q: What’s the delivery time?

A: Some of our standard machines will be in stock. Other delivery times will be about 35-45 days.

3) Q: Can I mix different machine models in one container?

A: Yes, various models can coexist in the same container.


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