Disintegrator Mill

Disintegrator mill is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, sugar, magnetic materials, powder and other industries.Disintegrator mills are appropriate for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, sugar, magnetic materials, powder, and other sectors. The disintegrator mill is a new generation of crushing equipment that incorporates crushing, dust collecting, and continuous discharge.
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Product Introduction


Main Application:

Disintegrator mills can be used in a variety of sectors, including those that deal with food, sugar, magnetic materials, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. A brand-new kind of crushing device called a disintegrator mill combines continuous discharge, dust collection, and crushing. (broken bread, potato flour, coffee, milk powder, onions, lotus seeds, dextrose, ginger, pepper, chili, pepper, and greasy wheat)




Working Principle:


A disintegrator mill's parts include the crushing host, the cyclone separator, the dust box, and the induced draft fan.

When the material enters the comminution chamber through the feeding hopper, the high-speed spinning blade crushes it. The comminuted material enters the cyclone separation chamber through rotating centrifugal force and the operation of the induced fan, and after the fan is closed, the material is discharged. The dust is retrieved after going through the filter tube and into the pulse dusting box. The fineness of the grinding is altered using the sieve mesh. There isn't any dust blowing about during the machine's manufacturing process.



Technical Parameters


Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Capacity


Particle Size


Particle Size

Speed Machine Weight Total Power
L1 L2 H1 H2 H3 H4 W1 Kg/H mm mesh rpm Kg Kw
WF-30 4650 5200 2540 1080 650 350 1380 100-400 <10 12-120 3800 850 12.25
WF-40 5200 5500 2800 1150 650 350 1450 200-800 <12 12-120 3400 1200 19.25
WF-50 5450 7050 2800 1400 650 350 1550 280-1000 <15 12-120 2900 1350 30.6
WF-60 5800 7400 3150 1460 650 350 1550 300-1200 <15 12-120 2300 1500 38.1
WF-80 6100 7900 3250 1570 650 400 1600 400-1800 <20 12-120 1800 2100 68.5
WF-100 6750 8550 3350 1800 650 400 1750 500-2000 <20 12-120 1400 2400 86.5



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1. We are available to take your call whenever you need our Fangyuan machinery to give 24 hour online support.
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1. How do I access after-service?

A: If the issues were our fault, we will send you the replacement parts absolutely free.

If the issue was caused by a human, we also supply the replacement parts, but there is a fee. Any issue, just give us a call.

2. Q: If we place an order, will you set up the machine's installation right away?

A: All of our machines are thoroughly tested before delivery, so practically all of them can be put to use right away. Our machines are also simple to install; all that is required is to connect the hydraulic hoses and the electrical supply. The hydraulic hoses will be marked with instructions on how to connect them. If you require our assistance, we will be happy to set up the installation; however, you are responsible for covering any fees.

3. Q: In terms of after-sale support, how do you quickly address issues with your international clients?

A: The warranty on our equipment typically lasts for 12 months. During this time, we will arrange for worldwide express delivery of any replacement components as quickly as possible.



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